Student Insurance

Student Health Insurance (2014-2015)

Go to to enroll online and to view the policy brochure. You can also print the "Enrollment Form" and mail to the insurance company at the address listed on the form.

The price for Plan 1 is $1,900 a year ($300 yearly deductible).

The price for Plan 2 is $1,428 a year ($2,000 yearly deductible).

Enrollment forms are available at the Pat Walker Health Center, Room 106 or

The Student Insurance Representative at the University of Arkansas is Ms. Pam Delaney,, (479) 575-4406, PWHC Room 106.

The U of A offers a Student Health Insurance policy that is a major medical plan. The plan is underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources and is administered by Academic HealthPlans.

If you are a registered undergraduate student taking six or more credit hours or a registered graduate student taking one or more credit hours, you are eligible to enroll in the insurance policy.

As a student at the University of Arkansas, the Pat Walker Health Center provides care for your illness and injury. United Insurance covers most expenses at the PWHC with a $20 copay.

If you need to seek medical care outside of the health center, you can avoid expensive hospital costs by using the local PPO network, Health Partners Physicians, who contract with United Healthcare, and Washington Regional Medical Center. Search for a medical provider at

International Students and Health Insurance

All international students (those who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States) enrolled at the University of Arkansas are required to have year-round health and accident insurance throughout the duration of their studies. Insurance coverage must be maintained during the summer months as well, even if travelling out of the United States or returning to the student’s home country.

Premiums for insurance coverage are assessed for the Fall and Spring semesters. Spring and Summer insurance coverage is combined and assessed during the Spring semester. Each international student’s account on ISIS is automatically charged for health and accident insurance upon enrollment for the Fall or Spring semester. Please be aware that insurance premiums must be paid in full for the Fall and Spring semesters. Payment should be made at the start of each semester. Failure to pay insurance premiums may result in possible financial disaster for a student or the inability to enroll in future semesters.

International students are required to pay the health insurance fee accessed through the University of Arkansas. This plan is administered by Academic Health Plans and can be viewed at this website:

NOTE: The student health insurance plan for academic year 2014-2015 is in compliance with federal regulations enacted on March 16, 2012. Students who are continuing from one year to the next will notice improvements in coverage and an increase in cost from the prior year.

Insurance Waivers

All International Students must pay the student health insurance fee billed to their student account each semester. THERE ARE ONLY 2 EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY:

1. Students in sponsored student programs that provide health insurance through their embassy, Ministry of Education, or non-government organization will be granted waivers through the University of Arkansas, Sponsored Student Programs Office (if applicable).

2. Students covered by health insurance provided through employment (his or her own or that of a spouse or a parent) at a United States company may apply for a waiver by contacting the Student Insurance Committee, care of Beth Eagles, Pat Walker Health Center, Room 110 ( This must be done before the 12th day of class to receive a waiver for the semester.

Please do not submit other plans expecting to be considered for a waiver. No other plans will be accepted.

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