There are charges associated with a visit to the Pat Walker Health Center (PWHC).

You don't need insurance to use PWHC.

Student Health Fee

The University of Arkansas requires all enrolled students to pay a mandatory health fee of $7.25 per credit hour. This fee enables the Pat Walker Health Center to provide high-quality, accessible health care and primary prevention services for the campus community.

While the student health fee does not cover all services offered at the health center, it is essential for sustaining programs related to public health surveillance, regulatory compliance and crisis response. The fee also addresses important concerns for the entire campus community, including communicable disease, sexual health, mental health, and alcohol and other drug use. 

The student health fee is different than health insurance, in that the student health fee extends beyond direct patient care, and encourages students to take advantage of other services that contribute to positive health and wellness, and help keep students on the path toward graduation.

Some things the student health fee covers and supports include:

    • 24-hour mental health emergency care
    • Wellness and health education programs and outreach initiatives
    • Individual consultations with a certified wellness coach
    • Two intake sessions (per semester) with a mental health clinician
    • Various group therapy sessions and workshops
    • Healthy student behavior programs that promote positive health and safety (e.g. sexually transmitted infections, drug and alcohol abuse, stress management, contraception)
    • Consultation with a registered dietician
    • Consultation with an orthopedic specialist from the community
    • Peer education and outreach groups
    • Access to sexual assault counseling, prevention and advocacy services

Medical Office Visits

Medical office visit charges will be billed to your insurance carrier unless you tell us not to at the time of service. You are responsible for your co-payment as designated by your insurance carrier.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Charges

If you receive services at CAPS that incur a charge, these charges will be billed to your student account unless you choose an alternate form of payment at the time of service. You may request a receipt for psychiatric services at the time of your appointment if you choose to file a self-claim with your insurance company. Please call CAPS office at 479-575-5276 for additional information.

Tests and Treatments

There are charges for all medications, supplies, and procedures used to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. These include but are not limited to:

  • Allergy Shots
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory Tests
  • X-rays
  • Orthopedic Supplies (e.g. casts, splints, crutches)
  • Wound Care Supplies

Missed Appointments and Late Cancellations

Charges apply for missed appointments or appointments not canceled at least two (2) hours in advance for the medical clinics and by 4:30pm the day prior for counseling/psychiatry services.

No Show Fees

  • Primary Care & Women’s Clinic office visit: $10
  • Psychiatric new patient: $40
  • Psychiatric established patient: $25
  • Women’s Clinic procedure visit, Orthopedist & Travel Consults: $25

Insurance and Billing for Medical Services

You are financially responsible for all charges incurred at each visit, whether covered by insurance or not.

PWHC can file claims with most health insurance plans. By giving us your insurance information, you authorize PWHC to file a claim with (send a bill) to your insurance company for services rendered. If you do not want PWHC to do so, you must let us know at the time of your appointment.

Your insurance company may determine that some, or all of the charges incurred at PWHC are not covered by your policy or should be applied to your deductible. You are responsible to learn what your insurance covers.

If you do not have health insurance and cannot pay at the time of service, or if your health insurance does not pay for any part of your charges, PWHC will post the amount due to your ISIS account. Patients who do not have insurance or who do not use their insurance at PWHC will receive a self-pay discount.

If you declare/request self-pay at the time of your visit you cannot change to insurance billing at a later time.

*The self-pay discount does not apply to psychiatry/counseling office visit charges and certain STD testing as those charges have already been discounted and are not subject to further discounts.

For more information: stop by the PWHC first floor check-in desk or call 479-575-5297


Should I carry an insurance card?
Yes, carry the card or a copy of your insurance card with you.
How can I pay for charges not covered by the health fee or my insurance plan?
The health center cashier can accept payment by cash, check, Razorbucks , VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. If you cannot pay at the time of service, medical clinic charges will appear on your student account at the Treasurer's Office.
Where can I get my prescription medication?
Patients may fill prescriptions at any pharmacy of their choice. There are many local pharmacies to choose from and located in the community surrounding campus. There is also a WalMart on Campus located in the Garland Parking/Retail Complex with a pharmacy.