Medical Services

Helping you stay on your path to wellness is our top priority, and staying on your path starts with access to comprehensive medical health services. We are a full-service health center offering comprehensive medical care through our signature clinics and programs.


Primary Medical Clinic

Our outpatient services offer more medical solutions than other local community clinics to meet the needs of our patients. Board certified physicians and nurse practitioners are available to treat both acute and chronic illnesses/injuries. Our medical clinic offers many services including minor office surgical procedures, IV fluids, wound care, laceration repair, evaluation/treatment of orthopedic injuries and more. We also offer routine wellness physical exams, screening for infectious diseases, integrated behavioral health and dietitian counseling.

If you are currently being treated by a medical specialist from your community, we can assist you with a referral to a local specialist.


Women’s Health Clinic

With the unique needs of each woman in mind, our Women's Clinic offers comprehensive and personalized health care to our female patients using best practices and evidence-based guidelines.

Women’s health care involves much more than routine breast exams, pelvic exams and pap smears, which is why our professional staff partners with you to ensure you have the care and support you need. Our women’s health providers are available to discuss contraceptive options including long-acting, reversible contraceptives. We do not provide prenatal care, but can assist with local referrals.


Allergy, Immunization & Travel Clinic

If you are currently receiving allergy desensitization and need to continue with your injections, we can collaborate with your allergist to provide injections through our clinic. We do not offer allergy testing, but can assist with a referral.

We also assist students with prerequisite immunizations, TB testing and other screenings required for their graduate programs or clinical assignments. As public health advocates, we work closely with county, state and national health departments to prevent the spread of disease through education and advocacy.

The Pat Walker Health Center administers a variety of adult immunizations including those needed for foreign travel. We also offer convenient walk-in hours for flu vaccines each season.

With record numbers of students traveling abroad, our Travel Immunization Clinic provides advice on health and safety conditions for several countries. Our pre-travel consultations include vaccination recommendations and infectious disease prophylactic measures. As is appropriate, travel immunizations are administered and advice about medications when traveling are provided.


Nutrition Services

As a part of the student health fee benefits, students can meet with a registered dietician and review their nutritional needs. Our dietitian offers educational and therapeutic options as students strive to improve underlying medical conditions and their overall health and well-being.


Orthopedic Services

While the Pat Walker Health Center primary care medical providers treat a broad spectrum of orthopedic conditions, your provider may refer you to our orthopedic specialist. The student health fee supports this service.