Student Health Advisory Committee

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is the Pat Walker Health Center's active Registered Student Organization comprised of a diverse group of students.

SHAC acts as a liaison between the health center and the students of the University of Arkansas. SHAC helps to ensure that students receive quality healthcare on campus. SHAC assists in the delivery of information about the Health Center's varied services, promotes healthy lifestyles, and participates in health promotion activities. SHAC members will also review current policies and programs and make recommendations to committee advisors and Health Center administration.

What are SHAC's Goals?
  • Acting as a patient advocate by providing feedback through student evaluations and using the evaluations to make informed recommendations to the Student Health Center's Director and SHAC Advisors.
  • Promoting the health center by passing on to fellow University of Arkansas students the Health Center's wide variety of services and programs.
  • Cooperating with other campus organizations and departments on projects promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Participating in health center meetings and activities.
  • Reviewing the policies and programs of the health center and making recommendations to the health center executive director and SHAC advisors.
  • Collaborating with the health center on health promotion projects.
What Will I Gain From Being a SHAC Member?
  • Making a difference in student awareness of the Student Health Center's services and programs.
  • Becoming involved in health issues and the decisions that will affect you and your peers.
  • Increasing your knowledge of how healthcare facilities operate.
  • Strengthening and building leadership skills.
  • Developing skills in business management, marketing, program development, and health promotion.
  • Meeting students from diverse personal and academic backgrounds.
  • Gaining direct experience in relation to a variety of careers.
Who Can Become a Member?
SHAC seeks to maintain a membership that is representative of the student population and welcomes students interested in campus health services and

More Information

Susan Rausch, SHAC Advisor



Justin Chaung ,SHAC President


Carly Welsh, SHAC Vice President


Colton McEvoy, SHAC Secretary/Treasurer


Robert Sutton, SHAC Liaison


Please check out SHAC's Facebook page for the meeting times during the fall and spring semesters.