Wellness & Health Promotion

WHP Staff - 2016-2017

The department of Wellness and Health Promotion inspires, motivates, and supports campus wellness and well-being through a variety of academic courses, outreach presentations and events, peer education and wellness coaching. We are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential across the holistic dimensions of wellness — physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, financial and occupational.


The health center makes improving campus health a priority with various programs and services in areas such as substance abuse, sexual assault prevention and support, and academic and lifestyle education. In addition, our diverse rand of services and programs help students become more adaptive, resilient, and self-responsible to more effectively navigate the pressures of college life.


Our wellness staff consists of certified health educators and certified wellness and health coaches, graduate assistants, and undergraduate peer interns.


 Wellness & Health Promotion is located on the 2nd floor of the health center. 

For questions, email Dr. Ed Mink, director. 


Wellness Academic Courses

The department of Wellness & Health promotion provides eight-week credit-bearing classes for students to learn strategies that support their well-being and increase their knowledge of important health topics. The classes have grown in popularity as students have earned than 4,400 academic credits over the past two years.


Substance Abuse

The Substance Education and Alcohol Resources (SEAR) office is located in the Wellness Center in the Garland Garage shops. SEAR collaborates with other campus offices and departments to provide high quality alcohol education and programming.


Sexual Assault Prevention & Support

The office of STAR Central serves the university community through education programs, professional consultations and victim advocacy services. STAR Central offers Support, Training, Advocacy, & Resources on Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence.


Wellness Center

Located across the street from the Pat Walker Health Center in the Garland Garage shops, the Wellness Center provides a central location for students to engage and learn about wellness. Many of the wellness classes and programs are conducted at the Wellness Center in the large multi-purpose classroom. The Wellness Center also houses the university’s substance abuse education and support services and offers a recovery living room for members to use as needed.


Wellness Initiative

The University of Arkansas believes in a holistic, multidimensional approach to wellness to help the campus community to maximize their academic, personal and professional potential. The University of Arkansas Wellness Initiative raises awareness on campus and helps the campus community make positive lifestyle choices.