Sexual Assault

STAR Central is the Office of Support, Training, Advocacy, & Resources on Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence coordinated through the Department of Wellness and Health Promotion at the Pat Walker Health Center. STAR Central serves the University community through education programs, professional consultations, and victim advocacy services.

Various education programs are available and often can be tailored to the specific needs of the audience. Requests for education presentations and programs can be arranged by contacting STAR Central at 575-7252.

Advocacy services for victims and survivors of sexual assault or relationship violence are available at the Pat Walker Health Center STAR Central Office. Talking one-on-one with a trained advocate, the survivor can process what options and resources are available.

There is not a charge for STAR Central services to members of the University community. Education services are provided to all members of the University. Ongoing advocacy services are available to students, but assistance with finding continuing resources will be provided to staff and faculty.

All contacts and survivor services are confidential.

Services Offered

STAR Central provides support for victims and survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence, as well as for students who are secondary survivors. Secondary survivors are individuals who have been affected by knowing and caring for someone who has been victimized. A variety of options are available for victims and survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence as they pursue the road to recovery. Assistance with identifying these options is provided and individual decisions are respected and supported. Access to and information regarding individual counseling and support groups are also available.
STAR Central provides workshops related to many issues concerning sexual assault and relationship violence. Workshops are designed with the intended group in mind. Workshops may focus on topics such as identifying an abuser, what to do if you know someone who has been raped or is in a violent relationship, sensitivity training for law enforcement and healthcare providers, risk reduction strategies on campus, understanding and countering a rape culture, and other similar topic areas.
STAR Central offers advocacy services for victims and survivors of sexual assault or relationship violence. During a time of turmoil and confusion, a professionally trained advocate can provide support and help answer questions related to available options for medical and emotional care, reporting, and follow-up resources to assist with the recovery process. Personal support is provided to meet the individual needs of the survivor and the survivor’s choices are respected. STAR Central serves to empower victims so that they may succeed during and after their recovery. Overall, the goal is for a victim to become a survivor.
STAR Central makes available varied information related to sexual assault and relationship violence. Resource material in printed format and other media types focus on awareness, risk reduction victim rights, and cultural influences. Every reasonable effort possible will be made to provide information through individual contacts, group education presentations, awareness media campaigns, campus and community events, and other forms of outreach services.

Contact Us

Located at the Pat Walker Health Center, Room 277
P 479-575-7252