Mission, Vision and Values

On the way to wellness


The demands on student health centers continue to evolve as society increases their awareness of the value of prevention and healthy lifestyles. And with more and more students today arriving on campus with various health needs, student health centers continue to evolve to include more than just standard medical services.

Our mission

The Pat Walker Health Center supports students along their academic journey by providing efficient and convenient access to quality medical care, mental health care, and wellness and health promotion programs and services.

Our vision

We strive to enrich the academic and personal development of students by creating an inclusive environment that promotes positive behavior and lifestyle changes. To fulfill our vision, we will:

  • Be seen as the premier and affordable health and wellness option for the campus community. 

  • Promote a diverse range of services and programs that help students maximize their potential.

  • Strengthen the student and health professional relationship.

Our values

  • We are committed to providing QUALITY in all aspects of our programs and services. 
  • We are passionate about helping students succeed in all aspects of life, which is why all of our services and programs are STUDENT-DRIVEN.
  • We are devoted to a two-way PARTNERSHIP with the campus community to ensure we recognize, address and meet their evolving health and wellness needs. 
  • We have a RESPONSIBILITY to support the campus community through positive health and wellness, as well as address important community concerns such as public health, regulatory compliance and crisis response.
  • We take pride in the INTEGRITY of our community role and ensure we consistently live out our mission, vision and values.

Through our endeavors we support the educational mission of the University of Arkansas and the growth of each individual.