PWHC Email Signatures

  1. Download your email signature using the corresponding link below.

  2. Sort list by name, and select your signature.

  3. Review image signature for accuracy.

  4. Download and save to computer.


How to Add Signature Image to Email


For Application-Based Outlook:

  1. Go to File > Options

  2. Select “Mail”, then “Signature”. You will be given a signature content area.

  3. Insert “Picture” > “Picture from File…”

  4. Insert your email signature (probably downloads if you did not save to a specific folder)

  5. Click “Save”


For Web-Based Outlook:

  1. Click “Settings” gear in the top right corner

  2. In search bar, type “Email”

  3. Select “Email Signature”

  4. Click “Image” button and select email signature file

  5. Click “Save”


If you have any issues downloading/updating your email signature, or if you would like changes to be made to your signature, email Zac Brown.