COVID-19 Response Team

On March. 2, 2020, Chancellor Joe Steinmetz convened a COVID-19 Response Team to assist the university’s Communicable Diseases Outbreak Committee in coordinating activities designed to support our community’s health and well-being and develop contingency plans to limit the impact to university operations should local transmission occur. Some 14 subcommittees were assembled to address specific elements in contingency planning. More than 150 representatives from across campus participated in the subcommittee planning process, helping develop plans for the university’s pivot to remote instruction in March 2020 as well as the university’s guidelines for the university’s phased return to campus during the summer and fall of 2020, and the return to campus in the spring of 2021. The team leads are listed here:

COVID-19 Response Team

Teams/subcommittees and leads:

Contingency Planning

  • Charles Robinson (co-chair), provost and vice chancellor for academic and student affairs
  • Laura Jacobs (co-chair), vice chancellor and chief of staff
  • Plus all other team/subcommittee leads


  • Terry Martin, senior vice provost for academic affairs

Communicable Diseases

  • Huda Sharaf, health center medical director
  • Matt Mills, public safety


  • Mark Rushing, associate vice chancellor for university relations


  • Melissa Harwood-Rom, dean of students and associate vice chancellor for student affairs


  • Mike Johnson, associate vice chancellor for facilities management


  • Ann Bordelon, vice chancellor for finance and administration
  • Michael White, associate vice chancellor for financial affairs

Environmental Health and Safety

  • Richard Ashworth, associate director for environmental health and safety

Human Resources

  • Debbie McLoud, associate vice chancellor for human resources

Logistics and Mobility

  • Curt Rom, associate dean for international education
  • Sarah Malloy, director, study abroad


  • David Snow, interim vice chancellor for economic development and director of Technology Ventures


  • Bob Beitle, associate vice chancellor for research and innovation
  • Wes Stites, associate vice chancellor for research and innovation

Student Assistance

  • Lori Lander, associate dean of students


  • Tricia Matysak, associate director of sports medicine