Letter from the Chancellor: November 20, 2020

Dear Campus Community:

Hard to believe but Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Some of you may be heading home as soon as this weekend. Others may already be there. Whatever your Thanksgiving plans, I hope you have a wonderful time. I think we could all use a bit of a break at this point in the semester. Given the scale of the current COVID-19 outbreak, I do want to encourage everyone to stay safe: use face coverings and hand sanitizer, socially distance, etc. Everyone knows the drill by now. Reports of a vaccine becoming available soon are certainly encouraging, but the eventual distribution will take several months so we must stay the course.

I also want to encourage everyone to consider getting tested when you return to campus. Needless to say, with people spreading out across the state and country, the chances of a surge in cases when we return is much higher. Getting tested is a small way to do your part to keep everyone safe, particularly those with underlying health conditions or those who are in frequent contact with those who have them. Finally, if you would like to stay remote after Thanksgiving, I again encourage you to make arrangements with your instructors. We’ve anticipated this option since the start of the year.

Sandy and I wish you a safe, enjoyable break and a great Thanksgiving!

Joe Steinmetz, Ph.D. 


P.S. The CDC issued guidance for those considering travel this Thanksgiving, including a checklist for determining whether staying put might be the safer approach. On-campus students may stay in the residence halls over the holiday if they choose.


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