Section 1: Overarching Principles

This planning assumes that the existence of COVID-19 will be present into the foreseeable future. The trigger timing for launching many of these events and activities is contingent upon our ongoing assessment of any federal and state guidelines and requirements that may apply. The plan must be received in the spirit of the fluidity that is the current reality and updated as new information becomes available. We need to continue to expect the unexpected. Our aim is to be no more or less restrictive than the guidance provided by state and federal public health agencies. Our reopening will be phased and guided by these overarching principles:

  • The U of A will continue to follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State of Arkansas including the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).
  • People will return to campus on an as-needed basis, as slowly and safely as possible; otherwise, remote operations will continue.
  • Campus functions will return in a phased manner that emphasizes caution and safety.
  • Employees and graduate assistants who can effectively work remotely, as determined through their supervisory chain, will continue to do so.
  • Our plans will be designed to mitigate the risk of a resurgence of the virus.
  • In consultation with the ADH, a protocol will be developed for self-assessment, monitoring and contact tracing as well as continuing education.
  • Our plans will seek to protect the people who are at the highest risk for severe illness.
  • Our plans will provide for centrally managed cleaning and sanitizing services and procurement.
  • All units will be prepared to return to a remote environment if conditions change.