Section 5: Housing, Dining and Campus Life

This section covers housing, dining, events, Greek Life and transportation. Other student experiences will also follow the same guidance. Housing and dining both have remained open with onsite mandatory employees to support students living on campus. Contingency plans have been prepared to maintain current operational status, facilitate training and to prepare for move-in during August.


  • Move-in operations will be phased over multiple days or weeks in August with additional safety measures in place including:
    • Move-in assistance will be limited to two people for each student.
    • Decreased numbers of additional volunteer support.
    • Cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing protocols.
    • Programming and amenity limitations.
    • Health and safety information and protocols including dining.
    • Minimizing gatherings in common areas.
  • University Housing will identify living spaces on- and/or off-campus to be used for quarantine and isolation purposes, based on availability.

Housing Preparedness

University Housing has developed a comprehensive plan for housing students this fall and will continue to support move-in of residents. The foundation of these plans is based on creating an environment that supports the health and safety of students and the larger campus community. Key elements include:

  • Implementation of social distancing plans for all residential facilities.
  • Minimizing common areas.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Providing hand sanitizer for students.
  • Adding additional precautions including sneeze guards where appropriate.
  • Enhancing education and communication efforts including appropriate signage and queuing systems.
  • Visitation guidelines to minimize possible exposure.
  • Preparing for possible quarantine or isolation

Housing facilities remain open with “onsite mandatory” staff following CDC and ADH guidelines. Training is moving forward for the coordinators for resident education. 

Read the latest University Housing updates, announcements and FAQs.


Dining hall hours will be adjusted throughout the semester to help with continued service and cleaning. All checkout registers will have customer-facing card swiping devices, and the use of ID cards, bank debit, and credit cards will be encouraged to minimize cash handling. Additionally, plexiglass will be installed at each cash area.

Additional hand sanitizer dispensers and stations will be available for increased access, as well as additional trash receptacles.

Dining hours in Brough, Fulbright and Pomfret will be modified to allow full cleaning and sanitizing of the facility in between high traffic meal periods. Grab-n-Go options will also be available at specific dining halls. Seating will be reduced to follow guidelines currently recommended by the Arkansas Department of Health to ensure proper social distancing.

Dining services, including the Union Food Court, will reopen to full service Aug. 10. You can check current schedules for dining facilities and other on-campus dining options at the Dine on Campus website.

Greek Life

U of A Greek Life has created a plan for in-person interactions during recruitment and new membership intake this fall. The plan is based on the health and safety guidelines provided by the CDC and state of Arkansas and supports a safe and responsible way to coordinate these events including:

  • Social Distancing
    • All events must conform to social-distancing requirements. Greek Life is exploring the most appropriate options for different types and sizes of events including in-person, virtual and hybrid approaches.
    • The maximum capacity for all public areas used for recruitment activities will be determined using these social-distancing guidelines.
    • The Greek Life office will facilitate requests to reserve additional university facilities for small group meetings throughout the campus to accommodate any occupancy restrictions related to the Arkansas Union that requires additional space.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting including portable hand-washing equipment for outdoor use and hand sanitizers.
  • Health and wellness checks designed to certify that participants are not sick.
  • Masks and face coverings
    • Greek Life is allowed to purchase and supply face coverings.
    • Students may choose to bring their own masks.
    • Chapters may also have custom-designed masks with their sorority or fraternity emblem.

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University Recreation (UREC)

University Recreation will reopen the indoor fitness centers and swimming pool but operations are contingent upon UREC’s ability to meet state requirements for monitoring, distancing and sanitation.

See the latest UREC updates and FAQs.

Transportation Plan

This plan has been developed to support U of A commuters who travel to campus on foot, bicycle, e-scooter, skateboard, wheelchair, or similar. Although some alternative transportation practices like transit buses may see a decline in users during this period, it is important to encourage active transportation options.

Key strategies:

  • Ensure best practices for proper spacing and sanitation of rental bikes and scooters on campus.
  • Evaluate and remove unnecessary pedestrian buttons at campus traffic signals and crosswalks.
  • Implement campuswide wayfinding to encourage pedestrians to take preferred routes that may be less crowded or get more UV light.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting protocols will be in place in public transit buses.

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