Addressing Racism During Social Crises: How to be an Ally to People of Color

In this four-part webinar series, CAPS Senior Mental Health Clinician & Diversity Coordinator Patricia Morency, LMSW, M.Ed. explores how white persons can better support persons of color during the COVID-19 pandemic. By delving into discussions and breaking down relatable examples, Morency offers tips and strategies for addressing racism and becoming an ally.

Part 1

There has been an increase in racialized attacks and crimes against specific marginalized groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. Morency, breaks down the news and offers tips for allies to be supportive of people of color during this time and beyond.

Part 2

Morency explains why it is so hard for White people to talk about race by exploring the concepts of White fragility & privilege.

Part 3

Morency defines the term microaggressions, explores many everyday examples, and explains why these common expressions and phrases can be harmful to people of color.

Part 4

Morency explores 10 ways that white people can be allies to people of color and ways to handle being called for mistakes.