GYN (Women's) Clinic

With the unique needs of each patient in mind, the GYN (Women's) Clinic provides comprehensive and personalized health care for our community using best practices in gynecological health services.

To us, gyneclogical health care involves much more than your standard breast exams, pelvic exams and pap smears, which is why our professional staff partners with patients to ensure the entire campus has the care and support needed.  To learn more about our providers and staff, view our full staff directory.


The GYN (Women's) Clinic offers a wide-range of services and procedures including:

  • GYN Annual Exams

  • Contraception including: Long-acting reversible contraception (LARC Methods: Mirena IUS, Paragard IUD, Nexplanon); Birth control pills, patch, and ring; 3-month shot; Diaphragm; Condoms

  • Emergency contraception counseling & prescriptions

  • Vaginal infection assessment and treatment

  • Urinary tract infection assessment and treatment

  • Pregnancy testing

  • STI testing

  • HPV vaccination, flu vaccination, update on adult tetanus

The GYN (Women's) Clinic treats: abnormal menstrual bleeding, breast problems, PMS, abnormal pap smears, painful periods/heavy bleeding, new onset pain with intercourse, and menopausal symptoms.

The GYN (Women's) Clinic provides referrals for: mammograms, infertility treatment and prenatal care, psychological care/counseling, nutritional counseling, healthy lifestyle counseling, and smoking cessation.

Sexual Assault Care: The GYN (Women's) Clinic supports sexual assault survivors with compassionate follow-up medical care and recovery support. 

Common procedures and tests at the GYN (Women's) Clinic

  • Pap smear with no abnormalities noted on screening

  • Pap smear with additional pathology review if abnormalities noted

  • HR-HPV (if recommended by your provider)

  • STI testing

 The GYN (Women's) Clinic does not provide prenatal or obstetrical care. 


The GYN (Women's) Clinic requires all patients to have an appointment.

Advance appointments and emergency appointments can be scheduled by calling (479) 575-4478. 

Routine appointments may also be scheduled through the Patient Portal

Please allow 1.5 hours for routine appointments; 2-3 hours for urgent/emergency appointments. 


What to bring:

  • Insurance card – Please consult your insurance company about coverage.

  • List of medicines, vitamins & supplements currently taking

  • List of allergies (if any) 

Paying for Services

Services and lab charges may be filed to insurance or self-pay (with payment the day services are provided, or applied to the student’s UAConnect account.) 

If insurance is used, it is the patient’s responsible for knowing coverage limits and co-pay. While costs may vary for patients, the Affordable Care Act mandates full coverage for women’s preventative health services including annual wellness exams and a range of birth control methods. Patients are encouraged to contact their insurance carriers to obtain coverage information.

No-Show Fees

    • GYN (Women's) Clinic Office Visit | $20

    • GYN (Women's) Clinic Procedure Visit | $25

The GYN (Women's) Clinic aims to create a welcoming environment for all patients.