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Mission, Vision, and Values

The University of Arkansas community can rest assured knowing they have several resources available that support their overall health and wellness, and academic journey. 

The Pat Walker Health Center offers a diverse range of services and programs:

  • Professional and comprehensive medical care
  • Compassionate and evidence-based mental health care
  • Positive lifestyle health education and promotion

Pat Walker Health Center employs a team of highly qualified health professionals and providers who are passionate about improving and maintaining the overall well-being of the entire U of A community. We are committed to providing physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social health, and the highest standards of quality and an appreciation of the value of each individual.

PWHC Presentation [PDF]


Pat Walker Health Center is committed to providing, promoting and supporting integrated health and wellness programs that advance the personal and academic well-being for University of Arkansas’ students, faculty and staff.

Through our endeavors we support the educational mission of the University of Arkansas and the growth of each individual.


Pat Walker Health Center strives to create an inclusive environment that promotes positive behavior and lifestyle changes and enhance student success through academic and personal development.

 To fulfill our vision, we will:

  • Be seen as the premier and affordable health and wellness option for the campus community.

  • Educate the campus community on important public health concerns.

  • Promote a diverse range of services and programs.

  • Strengthen the student and health professional relationship.


  • We are committed to providing QUALITY in all aspects of our programs and services. 
  • We are passionate about helping students succeed in all aspects of life, which is why all of our services and programs are STUDENT-DRIVEN.
  • We are devoted to a two-way PARTNERSHIP with the campus community to ensure we recognize, address and meet their evolving health and wellness needs. 
  • We have a RESPONSIBILITY to support the campus community through positive health and wellness, as well as address important community concerns such as public health, regulatory compliance and crisis response.
  • We take pride in the INTEGRITY of our community role and ensure we consistently live out our mission, vision and values.

Eligibility for Medical Services

University of Arkansas enrolled students and active employees are eligible to schedule medical services at Pat Walker Health Center. Students who have graduated or a have a gap in enrollment should contact the PWHC to determine their eligibility. Retired staff and emeritus faculty are only eligible for immunization visits. Furthermore affiliates, UA Sponsored Camp participants, and campus visitors are eligible for services and should contact the PWHC for further details.

Learn more about scheduling for our medical services on our Appointments page