Allergy, Immunization & Travel Clinic

The Allergy, Immunization, and Travel (AIT) Clinic provides allergy shots, immunizations and international travel consultations for the campus community. We also assist with immunizations and TB testing required by academic programs and/or employment.

To schedule an appointment with the AIT Clinic, call 479-575-7723.

Monkeypox (JYNNEOS) Vaccine

Pat Walker Health Center has a limited supply of the Monkeypox vaccine and it will only be administered with an order from a provider. If you are already established with a provider at PWHC, please contact that provider/nurse team lead. If you have not established care with a provider at PWHC, please schedule an appointment with a provider for further evaluation.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccine

All students must provide documentation of two (2) MMR vaccinations to the health center in order to enroll for classes. Follow the directions on the Immunization Compliance form. 

Records can be submitted:

    • By uploading to the Health Center's Web Portal
      • Uploading via the Patient Web Portal is preferred, as this is the fastest and easiest way to make sure your records are uploaded and retained. Uploading is only available to current students and incoming students a semester in advance of your first semester at the university. For example, if you are an incoming student for Fall, you will be able to upload your records the Summer session before the Fall semester begins. 
    • By fax to 1-866-409-1980
    • In-person at the clinic

 Records can be obtained from private physician’s office, high school transcripts, or the Arkansas Department of Health immunization database (Arkansas high school students only).

Students can also receive the MMR vaccine at the Allergy, Immunization, and Travel Clinic.

  • Meningitis & Men B Vaccines - immunization is recommended if not previously immunized or if immunized before the age of 16.

  • Tdap Booster (Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis)

  • Hepatitis B Series– three (3) shots over a 6-month period

  • Influenza (annual flu shots recommended)

  • Gardasil (HPV Series: Human Papilloma Virus) three (3) shots over a 6-month period. 

Tuberculosis Screening

Tuberculosis screenings are available using the T-Spot test only. The cost of the screening is $65.

Allergy Injections

The clinic also administers allergy desensitization injections for students and spouses of students. The health center does not perform allergy testing or prepare extract. The cost of allergy injections is $15.00 for one, $20.00/shot for two or more.

Allergy Injection Guidelines:

    • Documentation/instructions from your Allergist is required. Make sure your name and I.D. number is on your extract.
    • Refrigerated storage space is available in the allergy clinic.
    • A minimum 20-minute observation period is required after each injection.
    • Reactions: Local reactions (redness, swelling, soreness) will be treated by the allergy nurse or physician. Any serious reaction will be treated by a physician and orders must be received from the patient's allergist before further injections will be given.  

Travel Consultations

Going abroad? It is recommended that anyone traveling abroad receive a personalized travel consultation where you will learn about required and recommended immunizations, disease risks, and safety issues associated with your destination.

Travel consultations are $25 (and can be billed to insurance) and should be made at least four-week prior to traveling. Call 479-575-7723 to schedule your appointment.



For more travel health resources, see:

Immunization Prices

Prices for common procedures are below. This list is not comprehensive and the vaccinations and fees are subject to change without notice. If you would like to know the fee for a test, procedure or other service, please ask at the time of your visit.



Administration Fee 

Flu Vaccine 



Gardasil (HPV vaccine; 3 shots over a 6 month period)  



Hepatitis A (2 shots over a 6 month to 1 year period) 



Hepatitis B (3 shots over a 6 month period) 



Twinrix (3 doses) 



Japanese Encephalitis (2 doses) 






MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) 






Rabies (3 doses required) 



Shingles (2 doses required) 



Tdap (Tetanus) 









Yellow Fever 



Men B 



T-Spot TB Test (blood test) 



Allergy Shot Injection 

$15/shot (1) 

$20/shot (2+) 



Additional immunizations are available based on need.

* Prices subject to change. Please inquire about up-to-date pricing.