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Medical Clinics

Primary Care Clinic | 479-575-4451

GYN (Women's) Clinic | 479-575-4478

Allergy, Immunization & Travel Clinic | 479-575-7723

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Mental Health

CAPS | Call to Schedule an Appointment | 479-575-5276 

24-Hour Emergency Mental Health Services | 479-575-5276

Substance Use & Support

SEAR | Email to Schedule an Appointment 

Razorback Recovery | Email | 479-575-2500

Other Departments

Note: If you are sending a fax, please confirm the department's fax number prior to sending your fax. Medical records should only be sent to the Medical Records Fax number; Billing records should only be sent to the Billing Fax number; and Administration/General faxes should only be sent to the Administration/General Fax number.

Administration/General Questions | P: 479-575-4077 | F: 479-575-7438

Billing  | P: 479-575-4451, Option 6 | F: 479-339-8962

Medical Records | P: 479-575-8793 | F: 866-409-1980

Media/Press Inquiries | 479-575-7369

Student Health Insurance | 479-575-4406

 Media Relations

Members of the Media 

The Pat Walker Health Center staff is happy to share information about emerging health issues as well as available services and programs offered by the health center. We welcome the chance to dialogue with you, members of the media. All local, regional and national media requests require the approval of the Assistant Director for Marketing & Communications (Breeanne Carter, or 479-575-7369) within at least 72 business hours (Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Fridays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), in which to accommodate your request. If given shorter notice than 72 business hours, the request may be denied, and if you send a request directly to a provider, additional time may be added (depending on provider availability/leave) to your request being answered. 

Please note that requests are also subject to provider (medical, mental health, and substance use & support) availability and university holidays and closures. You can view our Hours & Location page for more information about our hours and university holidays.  

To Request a Photograph or Video Footage of our Facility

To protect the privacy of our patients and clients, no audio recordings, video, digital, or still photography, and no reporters are allowed in our facilities or at programs we present without permission of the Assistant Director for Marketing & Communications (Breeanne Carter, or 479-575-7369). Stock photos and videos may be available from what the Pat Walker Health Center has on our website, social media pages, or in our internal logs, so please inquire about a stock photo or video we may have available for you to use.  

Background Research  

Please review the Pat Walker Health Center website in its entirety to obtain more information about our services and programs.  

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