Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan

Welcome to the University of Arkansas!

The Student Health Insurance Policy is offered by Academic HealthPlans and is underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources. 

The University of Arkansas Student Health Plan is a GOLD plan under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and is considered major medical coverage. The plan’s benefits can be found at


Students must be enrolled and taking either:

  • One (1) graduate credit hour or,
  • Six (6) undergraduate credit hours

 Note: Online courses do not fulfill eligibility requirements.

Signing Up

To enroll, visit

  • To enroll in the medical plan, select the link at the top of the page that says “Enrollment”

  • To enroll in the vision/dental plan, select the link at the top of the page that says “Dental/Vision Benefits”

The UnitedHealthcare Student Resources insurance can also be used outside of Pat Walker Health Center if necessary.

  • If you need to seek medical care outside of Pat Walker Health Center, policy holders will want to use a medical provider that is in the UnitedHealthcare Options PPO network.

  • You can search for an in-network medical provider at by using the “Find a Doctor or Hospital” link under “Quick Links”. 

International Students

All International students (those without citizen or permanent resident status) are required to have health insurance throughout the duration of their studies.

Insurance coverage must be maintained during the summer months as well, even if traveling out of the U.S. The premium for student health insurance is accessed for 12 months (Fall, Spring & Summer), and the charge will appear on the student UAConnect account.

Please be aware that the premium must be paid in full by the deadline posted by the Treasurer’s Office. Failure to pay premium in full will result in a hold on student account.  

Insurance Waivers

All International Students must pay the student health insurance fee billed to their student account each semester.

The only exceptions to this are:

  • Students in sponsored student programs that provide health insurance through their embassy, ministry of education, or a non-government organization may apply for a waiver by going to
  • Students covered by health insurance provided through employment (his or her own or that of a spouse or a parent) at a United States company may apply for a waiver by going to

Review the waiver guidelines before proceeding to complete a waiver request form. 


The Student Health Plan provides students and their dependents (if applicable) with peace of mind knowing that the Pat Walker Health Center provides care for their illness and/or injury. United Healthcare Student Resources covers majority of the expenses at the health center with a $35.00 co-pay.

Dependents can be added to the policy during open enrollment only, except for a qualifying life event (divorce, marriage, new baby, loss of job benefits, arrival within the U.S. within 30 days).

Insurance Cards

United Healthcare has gone green! You will not be mailed an insurance card unless requested. When your premium has been paid and posted, you will receive an email from to set up your account and print your card.

Dental & Vision Insurance

Any student at the University of Arkansas can purchase dental and vision insurance for themselves and/or any dependents during open enrollment periods by going to Once purchased, you will be emailed instructions to print your card from CIGNA.  

Student Insurance Representative

student health rep beau holt

Beau Holt

Office: PWHC 1028

Phone: 479-575-4406

Email: | 

Additional Information

  • P: 855-825-3981

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