In addition to a full medical, mental health and wellness staff, the Pat Walker Health Center is supported by administrative staff members.

Pat Walker Health Center administration

Front desk, patient accounts, billing and student insurance staff

Mission & Vision

The Pat Walker Health Center provides professional and comprehensive medical care, mental health care, health education and health promotion for a diverse community of students, faculty and staff.

We, the Pat Walker Health Center staff, have a commitment to physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social health, the highest standards of quality and an appreciation of the value of each individual.

Through these endeavors we support the educational mission of the University of Arkansas and the growth of each individual.

Accreditations & Memberships


One of the most important things we do to earn your trust is to participate voluntarily in the quality assessment program of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

Our accreditation tells you that the AAAHC’s independent team of health care professionals took a close look at us and found that we meet their rigorous, nationally recognized standards for quality health care services.

Accreditation demands a high level of commitment and effort. It challenges us always to find better ways to serve you. It reminds us constantly that our first and most important responsibility is to see that you receive the best care we can possibly provide. Our accreditation gives you that extra measure of confidence you want in your health care service.

It’s one more way for us to say "We care about you."

Visit the AAAHC web site at: www.aaahc.org