Individual Counseling

CAPS offers a variety of individual and group therapy options. Our staff works within a broad range of theories and approaches to help suit services to fit each client’s individual need.

We emphasize time-limited treatment, which focuses on a specific issue, and work to resolve within a relatively brief time. If extended or long-term care is needed, our clinicians will work with you on referral options.

The student health fee provides enrolled students with an initial consult with a mental health clinician at no additional charge. During this consult, the clinician will gather information such as:

  • current symptoms and concerns
  • triggering events
  • any past and/or current mental health problems or diagnoses and treatments
  • pertinent information about medical conditions
  • student’s weekly availability for treatment
  • student’s access to resources such as health insurance
  • any other information deemed necessary by the clinician for diagnostic or planning purposes

Scheduling an Appointment with CAPS

After a thorough consult, the clinician will provide helpful information and recommendations about the student’s concern(s).

Initial consults are offered at varied times, Monday through Friday. You may call 479-575-5276 to schedule a time that works for you. You MUST arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete various intake forms. You will meet with a clinician for approximately 30 minutes. Note – Please let our staff know if you would like your initial consult to be with a person of color or someone who speaks Spanish.

During the consult, the clinician will ask you about the nature of your concerns and assess the severity of the problems, existing coping skills and additional resources/strategies.

At the completion of the session, you and the clinician will determine the most appropriate next steps based on CAPS Care Matching Model. These might include any combination of referrals to a campus resource, referral to groups/workshops, counseling services, psychiatric services, case management, or referral to a community provider.

You may be asked to return through an initial consult depending on when you were last seen at CAPS. Call 479-575-5276 and inform the front office staff of your situation; they will schedule the appropriate appointment.

After a consult, a number of possible outcomes may occur, including but not limited to the following:

The student may apply the information and advice received on his or her own, and plan to contact CAPS again if additional services are needed or the student’s attempts are unsuccessful.

The student may be referred to other student support services available at the University of Arkansas, such as the Counselor-in-Residence program, Center for Educational Access, and/or Dean of Students office, where indicated, to better address a student’s specific needs. 

The student may be referred to community-based providers, depending upon resources, for additional consultation or ongoing mental health treatment services.

The student may be referred to the Primary Care Clinic or Women’s Clinic for additional diagnostic assessment or treatment of a medical condition contributing to a mental health concern, or in some cases for psychiatric services.

The student may be seen at CAPS for a scheduled follow-up consultation, ongoing group or short-term individual counseling, and/or psychiatric services.

CAPS does not accept insurance and will not bill your student’s insurance provider. If you prefer to use insurance benefits after an initial consult at CAPS, we can refer you to a community-based provider.

Not all students who visit CAPS for an initial consult will be seen on an ongoing basis at CAPS.

In the event of a mental health emergency: 
Emergency mental health services are available to currently enrolled students. If there is a mental health emergency during normal business hours, a CAPS clinician is available in person or by phone for an emergency consultation.

After normal business hours, on weekends, and during academic breaks or holidays, a CAPS clinician is available by phone only. Call (479) 575-5276 for emergency mental health services. If you or someone else is an immediate danger to self or others, call 9-1-1.

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