COVID-19 Bivalent Vaccine and Flu Vaccine Now Available at Pat Walker Health Center

COVID-19 Bivalent Vaccine and Flu Vaccine Now Available 

Appointments are required to receive the flu vaccine and the bivalent COVID-19 vaccineTo make an appointment for either of the vaccines, go to the Patient Portal. Fill out the Self-Report Vaccination Survey with ImmunizeAR to help the U of A win an award! You don't have to have received your vaccine from PWHC to fill out the survey and no identification will be collected.


UARK Wellness New Website

UARK Wellness

UARK Wellness provides a comprehensive program promoting wellness and holistic health by engaging and empowering students, faculty, and staff through experiential academic and non-academic classes, coaching, and supportive services and activities. UARK Wellness is now a part of University Recreation and more information can be found here.

Sexual and Relationship Violence Center Website has moved

Sexual and Relationship Violence Center 

The Sexual & Relationship Violence Center offers comprehensive and confidential resources for students who have experienced sexual assault, rape or relationship violence are available. The SRVC is now a part of Student Life and more information can be found at here.

Medical Health Resources

Note: A positive home COVID test is a positive test, no need to re-test! Please start your isolation now and help us decrease transmission and protect our frontline workers.

COVID-19 Response CDC's Isolation Calculator & Guidance Monkeypox Information & Resources

Mental Health Resources

Students have several ways they can access mental health services. Read about CAPS programs and services, and view helpful groups and resources

Let's Talk: Drop-in Session Information Togetherall: Anonymous WebsiteMental Health Crisis Support