Student Health & Wellness Fee

The University of Arkansas requires all enrolled students to pay a mandatory health fee of $7.69 per credit hour. This fee enables the health center to provide high-quality, accessible health care and primary prevention services. 

The student health and wellness fee is different than health insurance, in that the fee extends beyond direct patient care, and encourages students to take advantage of other services that contribute to positive health and wellness, and help keep students on the path toward graduation.

While the student health and wellness fee does not cover all services offered at the health center, it is essential for sustaining programs related to public health surveillance, regulatory compliance and crisis response. The fee also addresses important concerns for the entire campus community, including communicable disease, sexual health, mental health, and substance abuse. 

Some things the student health & wellness fee covers and supports at the Pat Walker Health Center, the Sexual & Relationship Violence Center, & University Recreation include:

  • 24-hour mental health emergency care
  • Wellness and health education programs and outreach initiatives
  • Individual consultations with a certified wellness coach
  • Consultations and short-term counseling with a mental health clinician
  • Various group therapy sessions and workshops
  • Healthy student behavior programs that promote positive health and safety (e.g. sexually transmitted infections, drug and alcohol abuse, stress management, contraception)
  • Consultation with a registered dietician
  • Consultation with an orthopedic specialist (office visit fee waived and other charges still apply)
  • Peer education and outreach groups
  • Access to sexual assault counseling, prevention and advocacy services

For additional questions about the student health and wellness fee, call the health center at 479-575-4451 or email