Well-being Resources

Pat Walker Health Center is committed to assisting our community with their well-being. Anyone who is interested in journaling their monthly goals, weekly goals with action steps, goal tracking, and weekly reflections, as well as a monthly overall reflection related to the areas of sleep, exercise/activity, nutrition, and mental health/social connections is welcome to download The Path to Well  journal.

Mental Health & Wellness Resources

The University of Arkansas community also has access to Welltrack Boost, a self-guided, clinically supported, CBT-based mental health app that is available for download on on Google Play or the Apple Store. Faculty, staff, and students with a UARK email and password can register with their UARK credentials to get started. 

Sleep Resources

We encourage you to take a look at our sleep brochure,  entitled "Why Sleep Is Your Underrated Superpower". In addition to our sleep brochure, you can view these sleep resources: Toolkit for Sleep by Huberman Lab, Sleep Hygiene Tips written by Dr. Michael Breus on Sleep Doctor, Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker, and the Behavioral and Psychological Treatments for Insomnia Patient Guide by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

8 Dimensions of Wellness Resources

Our friends at UARK Wellness have several resources for our community to check out to improve in the 8 dimensions of wellness. Whether it's utilizing their new 8 for 8 workbook (visit the Wellness Lounge to pick up a hard copy), Wellness Coaching, or the Wellness Certificate Program available through the Employee Development Program (EDP) Calendar.