Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students

What is BASICS?

This program is offered for all University of Arkansas students who may want to explore their alcohol and drug use, but the goal of the program is to reduce risky behaviors and harmful consequences of alcohol abuse. 

BASICS is not "Just Say No" or an abstinence-only program. The BASICS facilitator will provide objective feedback, based on an interview and questionnaires filled out by the student, in order to encourage positive changes in behavior.

Essentially, BASICS will provide the information and guidance, but what a student chooses to do with it is entirely up to the student.

Who can use BASICS?

Some students are required to complete BASICS as part of sanctions from the University of Arkansas, but all students are welcome to utilize the service.

To those that attend outside of the sanction process or self-refer the service is free of charge. 

Documentation can be provided to show proof of complete upon signing a release form.

What does BASICS include?

All BASICS sessions are one-on-one with a facilitator and the student. It takes two sessions, typically one week apart, to complete the BASICS program.

  • Session I takes approximately 60 minutes. During this session, students meet their facilitator, are oriented to the program, answer interview questions and complete a questionnaire.

  • Session II also takes approximately 60 minutes. Students receive personalized feedback that is based on the information obtained from interviews and questionnaires completed during the first session. Students review the feedback with the facilitator and, if appropriate, identify potential changes that could work to help reduce their risk for developing future alcohol related problems.

What are the fees associated with the BASICS program?

  • Program fee: $100 
  • Late cancelation (less than 2 hours before appointment): $20 
  • No Show (more than 15 minutes late to appointment): $20 

All charges will be put on your University of Arkansas UAConnect account. 


To learn more, email