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The Razorback Recovery Community (RRC) offers support for students in recovery. Many of them face unique challenges in the college environment, making communities like these vital for their success. Our mission is to help students overcome recovery-related issues, achieve academic success, and promote personal and professional growth. The RRC provides students with a private lounge, weekly recovery meetings, sober events throughout the school year, and scholarship opportunities.

Weekly Meetings at the SEAR office suite

Peer Support

Woo Pig Sober Tailgates

Social Events & Activities

Scholarship Opportunities




To join the Razorback Recovery Community, please submit an application.

Attend a weekly meeting : Tuesday's 4:30-5:30pm

Students in Recovery Scholarship - Find an application on Hogsync.

Jennifer Morris, LPC, SEAR Program Coordinator, Pat Walker Health Center

Kym Williams, LCSW, AADC,  CAPS Assistant Director,  Pat Walker Health Center

Gretchen Brannon, Primary Care Clinic APRN, Pat Walker Health Center


RRC Weekly Meetings - Spring 2023

The Razorback Recovery Community hosts weekly meetings for University of Arkansas students who wish to change their substance use behavior.  Meetings are on Wednesdays at 10am and Fridays at 2pm, January 18 - May 5.

If interested in attending meetings, email razrecov@uark.edu and f ollow @razorbackrecovery on Instagram to stay up to date!

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