Communicable Disease Outbreak Committee

CDOC's Purpose

The purpose of the Communicable Disease Outbreak Committee (CDOC) is to review public health surveillance reports and other pertinent data to ensure the safety of University of Arkansas students, faculty, staff and guests. This committee will recommend policy, procedures and actions to address potential and actual communicable disease outbreaks declared by the Arkansas Department of Health.  

What CDOC Does

In order to reduce the risk of, prepare for, and address the needs related to communicable disease outbreaks, the CDOC:  

  • Recommends policy 
  • Recommends operating practices and policies 
  • Collaborates to promote the health and wellness of university students, employees and visitors.
  • Disseminates information about potential threats related to communicable diseases and how to minimize risk.
  • Guides the University’s preparation and response activities related to communicable diseases.
  • Advises the Chancellor, Provost and Vice Chancellors on trends, risks, appropriate responses and mitigating actions. 

CDOC Members & Meetings

The CDOC meets quarterly and as needed. The CDOC may create subgroups for ad hoc projects. 

  • CDOC is co-chaired by:
    • Emergency Management: Co-Chair – Matt Mills, public safety 
    • Pat Walker Health Center: Co-Chair - Huda Sharaf, health center medical director 
  • Representatives from the following University of Arkansas areas comprise the CDOC: 
    • Academic Affairs 
    • Dean of Students 
    • Environmental Health and Safety 
    • Graduate and International Education
    • Human Resources 
    • Logistics and Mobility
    • Pat Walker Health Center
    • Study Abroad
    • Department of Public Health in the College of Education and Health Professions 
  • The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs serves as the primary liaison to university leadership.