Patient & Client Satisfaction Results

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CAPS Client Satisfaction Survey Results- Spring 2023 

  • 95.55% reported they would return to CAPS if they needed help in the future
  • 98.89% reported that they felt like CAPS is a critical resource for U of A students
  • 96.63% reported that they would be willing to recommend CAPS to a friend 

GYN (Women’s) Clinic Satisfaction Survey Results Spring 2023

  • Overall satisfaction ranking for in-person visits of 98.5% excellent or good 
  • 96.2% reported getting what they needed/wanted from their last visit
  • 98.6% would return for future help from the GYN (Women’s) Clinic
  • 100% reported the office environment as excellent or good 

Primary Care Clinic Satisfaction Survey Results Fall 2022

  • 96.3% reported getting what they needed/wanted during their last visit. 
  • 92.6% rated the office environment as excellent or good
  • 96.3% rated the friendliness of their nurse as excellent or good
  • 100% rated how well the provider listens to their concerns as excellent or good 

Health Services Survey Results 2021

What is the single most important factor in determining your overall satisfaction with the Pat Walker Health Center?

  • “I felt heard and understood by the staff. I enjoy the fact they primarily work with young adults, which makes me feel normal. They come from a place of understanding and care. They have worked with me and guided me in the right direction regarding mental health, reproductive health, and general wellness.” 
  • “How attentive and understanding the staff is, especially the doctors treating me. Hearing my concerns and taking me seriously is extremely important to me.” 
  • “Having a doctor who is care-oriented...” 

What if anything would you say about PWHC to others? 

  • “If you have healthcare and or wellness needs, you should go to the PWHC.” 
  • "PWHC is right here on campus and offers a wide variety of care at a reasonable cost with personable providers.”
  • “It is a valuable resource on campus”
  • “It's centrally located on campus..”
  • “It's a good resource for all things health.”
  • “I have utilized Pat Walker Health Center's services many times and have always been satisfied with the level of care and friendliness of staff.”