Anxiety & Depression Reduction Workshop

Being in college can be an overwhelming experience at times. When things feel uncertain or out of our control, it’s understandable to feel fear, anxiety or sadness. The key is learning to manage these feelings in a healthy and positive way.

The Anxiety & Depression Reduction webinar series helps you build life-long strategies you can use while facing anxiety or depression triggering situations. 

Over the course of five sessions, you will learn to better identify triggering situations, recognize your symptoms and employ coping skills to help manage symptoms. The workshop also helps increase general understanding of anxiety and depression.

Please download and use the Anxiety & Depression Reduction Workbook as you complete the webinar. It will be referenced. 

After completing, please take a moment to let us know about your experience with the workshop. Your feedback will help us improve on our services and programs.

If you feel that you need additional support, please contact CAPS at 479-575-5276.  

Understanding Anxiety & Depression


The Cognitive Behavior Model

Automatic Thoughts & Unhelpful Cognitions

Alternative Responses