Counseling & Psychological Services

Pat Walker Health Center’s Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) remains more committed than ever in supporting University of Arkansas students during these unprecedented and challenging times.

CAPS recognize students may be struggling right now with anxiety, grief, sadness, confusion, loneliness and other difficulties in the midst of navigating a global health pandemic, financial hardships, increased social disconnection and continued racial injustice and unrest.

Whatever the struggles — and regardless of how and/or where student learning takes place — CAPS is here to help.

CAPS Care Matching Model

The CAPS Care Matching Model is designed to identify an individualized plan to promote student autonomy and empowerment in their care. The options provided to students are tailored to meet their specific needs using a diversity of resources offered by the counseling center, campus partners, and community providers.

Goals of the Care Matching Model:

  • Increase access to mental health care and education

  • Manage resource-intensive and evidence-based treatment services that will improve student outcomes in well-being

  • Match students effectively with CAPS services, other campus/community resources, and/or support systems based on professional clinical judgment and student-specific needs

CareMatching Services & Programs

CAPS is starting the process of transitioning back to in-person services. Please call 479-575-5276 for more information. call 479-575-5276.

If youare outside the state of Arkansasand need mental health services, we recommend seeking care in your local community. For more information on how to connect with a therapist in your home community, view the following resources or call CAPS at 479-575-5276.

The first appointment with a CAPS Clinician is called an initial consultation. This is not a counseling session, but rather a tool for CAPS mental health clinicians to match students to the appropriate options for care.

At the end of the initial consultation, clients will leave with a personalized plan of resources and next steps for services that match their current needs.

Initial consultations do not have any charges associated with them and is covered by the student health fee.

CAPS continues to offer emergency and same-day services for students, faculty or staff experiencing a mental health crisis. The CAPS 24/7 Emergency Phoneline also remains available.

  • CAPS 24/7 Emergency Phoneline: 479-575-5276
  • UA Police Department: 479-575-2222
  • Dial 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency room or psychiatric care facility.
  • Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Crisis Text Line: 741741\

Established psychiatry patients will continue services using tele-mental health methods.

Students with a current prescription from one of our psychiatric providers can continue with their medication to the best of our ability in accordance with Arkansas law and APA guiding principles.

Students can request prescription refills directly through the Patient Web Portal.

If you have questions or concerns, please call 479-575-5276.

Getting Started with CAPS

CAPS offers students three different ways to get started with mental health services. All three starting appointments are covered by the Student Health Fee, so they are no additional costs for getting started with CAPS.

Let’s Talk is an informal, brief, problem-focused consultation for those who may not really be interested in continued services but have something specific that they want to talk to a counselor about. Let’s Talk sessions are also for those who are unsure about counseling and just want to try it out.

Fall 2021 Information

Let’s Talk @ CAPS

M-F, 9am-11am & 2pm-4pm

  • These consultations are currently being offered as walk-in sessions, first come, first serve. 

  • ***At this time Let's Talk @ CAPS is NOT offering specific time slots***


Let’s Talk @ the Union

11:15am – 12:45pm, Monday Oct. 18th, Nov. 1st, Nov. 15th, Nov. 29th, Dec. 13th

  • These consultations are in-person; first come, first serve

  • Find us near the food court


Let’s Talk @ Gearhart

11:15am – 12:45pm, Monday  Nov. 8th, Nov. 22nd, Dec. 6th

  • These consultations are in-person; first come, first serve

  • Find us in room 206, Graduate Student Lounge, Gearhart Hall

An Initial Consultation is an information gathering appointment and tool for CAPS Mental Health Clinicians to match students to the appropriate options for care.

Initial Consultations are offered at varied times, Monday through Friday. Once scheduled, you will need to fill out intake paperwork and then will meet with a clinician for approximately 30-minutes.

During the appointment, you and a CAPS mental health clinician will talk about the nature of your concerns, existing coping skills, additional resources/strategies and our services. From there, you and your CAPS mental health clinician will determine the most appropriate next steps based on CAPS Care Matching Model.

These might include any combination of referrals to a campus resource, referral to groups/workshops, counseling services, psychiatric services, case management, or referral to a community provider.

Request Initial Consultation: Call 479-575-5276.

Important: Throughout the semester, CAPS at times may have very limited availability for on-going individual counseling. CAPS Mental Health Clinicians will partner with you to identify the most appropriate care and resources based on the CAPS Care Matching Model. CAPS offers several resources in addition to individual counseling, such as groups, workshops, outreach, assistance connecting to community providers and/or other campus support, etc.

*Please let our staff know if you would like your Initial Consultation to be with a Person of Color or with someone who speaks Spanish.

Learn more about CAPS services.

CAPS offer a limited number of same day appointments with an on-call mental health clinician.

Same Day appointments require completing paperwork right away and then meeting with an on-call clinician if possible (for urgent/emergency situations that cannot wait for the next available scheduled appointment).

Please call CAPS at 479-575-5276 to inquire about same-day appointment availability.

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CAPS is always available if you need support. Mental health services are available 24/7 by phone at 479-575-5276.


CAPS Support & Process Groups

Engaging in group therapy offers many benefits.CAPSoffers a variety of weekly, virtual therapy and support groups at no cost to you.

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OnlineWorkshops & Webinars

Access a variety of online workshops and webinars addressing common concerns and topics. Sign-up for a workshop series, or watch a webinar.

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Hogs For Mental Health: A CAPS Resource Page

The new mental health resource page, where you can browse online self-help resources by topic, read descriptions of current groups and workshops offered at CAPS, find out more about our outreaches, our campus & community partners, and more!