Hogs for Health RSO


The mission of HFH is to serve as a student organization for all individuals interested in promoting health-related issues on campus and to identify and represent the student body. HFH is to serve as a liaison between the student body and the administrators of the Pat Walker Health Center thereby serving as a mechanism by which the Pat Walker Health Center may better respond to student needs.

Membership Admission

(A) There will be two periods when HFH will admit new members, with the exception that new members can be added prior to re-registration of the RSO if members are needed to re-register:  

  1. During the first two weeks of each semester, HFH will recruit new members.  
  2. The new members will then have two (2) regularly scheduled HFH meetings to attend and join during the semester they join.
  3. Any interested persons who do not attend a required meeting shall be allowed to join during the following semester’s required meeting.  

Terms of Membership

(A) A member of HFH is in good standing until graduation as long as they are meeting the requirements of active membership. 

(B) Any member desiring to resign from HFH shall submit their resignation in writing to a member of the Executive Board who will present it to the HFH officers for action.  


HFH meets on the last Wednesday of every month from 6-7pm at the Pat Walker Health Center, unless otherwise noted.


For more details about Hogs for Health and membership, view our constitution. See events and more on HogSync

Contact Us

Advisor: Breeanne Carter, Assistant Director for Marketing & Communications, bccarter@uark.edu

E: hfhealth@uark.edu

P: 479-575-7369 

Executive Board Members

Major: Pre-Nursing
Major: Public Health, Pre-Occupational Therapy
Major: Public Health & Biology
Major: Biology